About Us

  Veronika`s style lives on with Numbat UK 

Numbat UK is a Fashion content of British independent brand Numbat.
Numbat Fashion is the new way to wear Veronika Style in memory of our daughter and British designer Veronika Guardi.
We will keep faithfully the name Veronika Guardi who died aged 34 too young and she had no more time to finish what she had started.
Veronika Guardi style will be synonymous with modern British fashion with vintage details inspired by her love of British history and nature.
We continue to build the fashion creations at Numbat House based in Norwich, Norfolk, England, where we create and develop all collections with Numbat brand, inspired by both tradition and ultra modernity making them timeless. Luxury that never goes out of the Style but sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We are about slow fashion because we`re interested in longevity.
Numbat's passion for making women look and feel special along with unique worldview shaped his approach to fashion in a way that is progressive, innovative, and powerful while still elegant. We create clothes anchored in craft that allow wearers to share the story of who they are in the world.
Numbat Ltd is a family owned apparel manufacturer using recycled and dead stock fabrics in Italy. The fabrics are important for us. We have always focused on physicality as an extension of fabrics and own manufacturing which makes it so much easier to achieve our goal of being on 100% sustainable and ethical brand. We strongly support ethical fashion production which is why we put our employers first and we can guarantee good working conditions, equal rights and fair pay.
We are committed to innovation in our vision, craftsmanship in our execution and sustainable consumption. We are dedicated to protecting the planet the best way we know. The brand Numbat was born with the idea to help the natural word. Today the idea grew into reality. Numbat UK  is distinctive for its innovative and uncompromising expression of creativity. The Circumstances change and tests evolve but we choose to make timeless clothing made sustainably and ethically, that connect on an aesthetic level; and provide an empowering means of self-navigation.
Quality by family business .Est 2003,
With Love,
Numbat Family